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تتبع القرآن مع الترجمة الإنجليزية

About Us & Hamdan Islamic Arts

Professionally I am an Architect, Interior Designer and a Homemaker with strong passion for design with discipline of Islam.

After a long search of all requirements from the existing Islamic Arts industry, I decided to have my own store which would make easy for everyone to buy special collection which are always therapeutic for your mind, body and soul.


Hamdan Islamic Arts comprises of 90% handcrafted Tracing Qurán, artistically prepared for everyone who wants to soothe and calm their mind & soul by tracing Allah's Book - Quran. If you trace and read Quran, it will, Insha'Allah, bring more positive improvement or upgrade to your current life.

Tracing Qurán is the perfect gift for every occasion. A perfect for Family, Friends & Corporate Gifting. The best item to gift to a married or an engaged couple. The best gift to present on someone's birthday. Or just gift it to someone for no reason at all, and you'll be a part of whatever good actions he or she performs.

I am always here to hear you so I have connected all my social handles for better communication.

أنا هنا دائمًا لسماعك ، لذا فقد قمت بتوصيل جميع مقابلي الاجتماعية من أجل تواصل أفضل.


Choose peace! Stay safe! 

About Us

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If your country is not listed, please drop me an email or fill the contact form below, and I will arrange the delivery for you.

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